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tsorvik's Journal

T'Sorvik is the daughter/son of Storvik and Evil Storvik, both of whom are male and are, in fact, alternate-universe versions of the same individual. Obviously, it is a complex story; but it involves the involuntary usage of both a gender-swapping retrovirus and a pon-farr inducing drug by the two Storvik analogs. As a side-effect of the conditions of her conception, T'Sorvik (although born female) is able to switch physical genders at will. Her parents do not plan to subject her to a traditional Vulcan education, with all of the conditioning and re-education which that entails; rather, they are taking that task upon themselves (with the assistance of Storvik's wife, T'Vit, whose opinions of the entire arrangement are not particularly stoic and therefore best left unstated) upon the USS Murgatroid.