T'Sorvik-Doll Maker

Not For Very Much Longer

As the Ankh approached Starbase 668, a young child inside was jumping up and down with excitement. "Are we really going somewhere with other people?" T'Sorvik asked. She had spent most of her life thus far on the Ankh, in hiding, with only the three adults accompanying her. "Real people? And not just Vulcans? I can't wait! What should I wear? Should I be a boy or a girl?"

"You shall keep your female form," Storvik instructed her, "as that is the gender listed for our child in the Starfleet database."

"Your ability to shift genders remains, as far as we know, a secret left out of the public records," her other parent Evil Storvik added. "It shall be far easier to explain a discrepancy in age than a discrepancy in gender."

"And you shall wear the miniature uniform which I created for you," answered T'Vit, wife of Storvik and quartermaster of the USS Murgatroid.

T'Sorvik immediately shucked the clothes she was wearing – a functional grey jumpsuit – and grabbed the blue shirt and black skirt indicated by T'Vit. The three adults all glanced at each other, and then Storvik reminded the child, "Once we go into the station, remember what we told you about modesty and public behavior."

"Yes, sir," said T'Sorvik, casting a mock salute at her father. "I'll put on my game face." At that she immediately cleared her face of all emotion, and restrained her physical movements to only those which were efficient and necessary.