T'Sorvik (tsorvik) wrote,

Moves Like Lightning

T'Lothvik flexed his fingers. He danced a little jig, and made a mental note to pummel the next person who told him that he'd never be a dancer. All of the parts of his body seemed responsive. A few more tests, and T'Lothvik would be able to separate into Lothar and T'Sorvik again. It was time to test his quick reflexes and fine coordination.

T'Lothvik called out to the computer to access the holographic routines, and commanded it to produce a chess board. Setting the computer's skill on the highest difficulty level, T'Lothvik proceeded to play chess as fast as possible, moving the little pieces around the board with lightning speed.

Unfortunately, the mind meld was beginning to unravel; after all, T'Sorvik was still young and inexperienced, and Lothar was naturally rebellious and uncooperative. The two minds were pulling apart in different directions.

T'Lothvik continued to play chess, as quickly as possible, but it became obvious to the spectators that he was losing. Those who knew the game of chess were surprised that he was doing as well as he was against the computer's advanced gambits. He continued to move as quickly and precisely as before (there was nothing wrong with the new neural connections after all), but his moves were becoming less and less a matter of countering the computer's strategy, and more and more a matter of eating the pieces which angered him.

"Queen to queen's rook my ass; take that, you Petroff Gambit-using freak!" Munch munch munch…

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