December 13th, 2007

T'Sorvik-Doll Maker

Not Within My Counsellor

T'Sorvik woke up in a bed in sickbay and was surounded by her parents and two doctor Kahns.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine, and that finger will be grown back pretty soon," said the doctor. He didn't mention that he had cloned a couple of extra T'Sorvik fingers for himself, for research or a late-nite snack.

"You are on painkillers now because you needed sleep.." her father Storvik said "but when they wear off you'll have to practice suppressing the pain like we taught you."

T'Sorvik suddenly felt herself supressing a violent urge to stick one of Khan's instruments deep into Strovik's pointy ears to see how well he suppressed the pain. "Where did that come from??" she asked herself.

Oblivius to what was going through his daughter's head, Storvik continued "You did a good job today, repairing Lothar. None of us could have fit inside to do that."

"Some of the crew are not happy that Lothar is mobile again," said T'Vit, interrupting.

"Anyway, do not disappear and perform any dangerous tasks like that again without aksing us first," Storvik ordered.

As the Vulcan adults left the sickbay, Kahn slipped a lollipop to the little girl. "Go ahead, enjoy it. I won't make you suppress it."