November 14th, 2007

T'Sorvik-Doll Maker

I'm In Ur Counselr...

Once I got into Lothar's internal extradimensional volume, I searched for power sources. Lothar had clearly regained consciousness after my Daddy Storvik supplied him with alcohol, but he was still unable to move. My theory was that Lothar's internal cybernetic systems needed to be recharged or restarted in some way; and that once they had been re-activated, he would once again be able to move.
The power generators and capacitors came on-line easily, but Lothar remained immobile. Although he was conscious, and his electronics were working, they did not appear to be communicating with each other. Next, I searched for control modules. I found a rather large, complex metal unit which appeared to be interfaced with his spinal cord on one side, with plasma conduits leading to the mechanical systems on the other side.
I carefully opened the unit's casing, and found it filled with a complex array of isolinear chips, indicator lights, switches, and small bio-gel packs. I toggled one of the switches, and felt Lothar moving around me.
"Stop that!" I heard him shout.
"Why are you hitting yourself, Lothar?" asked a passing crewman.
"Because I can't reach you!" I heard Lothar snarl back.
I restored the switch to its original position, and Lothar ceased his movement. Apparently, Lothar was (for some reason) no longer capable of consciously controlling his physical systems. Those systems remained fully functional, however, and I could control them from the inside. Unfortunately, there were no labels on any of the vast array of controls and lights, so I would be forced to learn their usage by trial and error.
I used my PADD to create a schematic of the controls and indicator lights, and labelled the first one that I had activated "self-abuse"…
T'Sorvik-Doll Maker


I cannot see where we are going.

Fortunately, I had previously memorized the current layout of the USS Murgatroid, so I have been navigating Lothar by intuition and recollection. I have also been listening for aural clues as to our location and surroundings. Our movements have been … less than graceful … as I am still acclimating myself to the controls.

I have found a video screen in here, which was (presumably) intended to be used by a person inside Lothar to see the outside; but I cannot get it to function properly. I have activated it, but all it will display is "GWIII Mecha Mode – General Protection Fault" on a blue background. I do not understand why they would have designed Lothar's implants to be controlled by an internal "pilot", since there is barely enough room in here for me. No adult would be able to fit.

"Mecha", if I recall correctly, is a word from a Terran language called "Nihongo" which describes bipedal combat machines controlled by a pilot. Even then, the term was mainly used in fiction; and no such devices have actually been used in practice for centuries. "Lothar," I called out loudly, "did you know that you were a mecha?"