T'Sorvik (tsorvik) wrote,

Circuit Short, But Not For Long

"One last connection, and I should have the power re-routed," T'Sorvik thought as she tweaked a power lead, ignoring the voices outside. "I am fortunate that I do not have to deal with plasma conduits with my bare hands. In fact, given my current location, I am fortunate not to be dealing with any types of gas." Half of the status indicators turned green, and she re-seated an isolinear chip in its socket. "Now, we shall see which of us has control." She tried to raise both of the counsellor's arms…

"Hey, stop that!" complained Lothar, as his left arm went up over his head. He dropped the ensign in his right hand, and reached up to pull his left arm back down. It seemed that he now had control over the right side of his body, but the annoying little brat still had his left side. It was better than no control at all, but that didn't stop Lothar from getting angry again. As his left arm resisted his attempts to bring it down, he began to pummel his left shoulder with his right fist.

"Why is Lothar trying to beat himself up now?" Storvik asked, as the ensign dragged himself away as quickly as he could manage.

"I don't know," Mib Khan replied. "Maybe the rest of us just aren't a challenge anymore?"

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