T'Sorvik (tsorvik) wrote,


I cannot see where we are going.

Fortunately, I had previously memorized the current layout of the USS Murgatroid, so I have been navigating Lothar by intuition and recollection. I have also been listening for aural clues as to our location and surroundings. Our movements have been … less than graceful … as I am still acclimating myself to the controls.

I have found a video screen in here, which was (presumably) intended to be used by a person inside Lothar to see the outside; but I cannot get it to function properly. I have activated it, but all it will display is "GWIII Mecha Mode – General Protection Fault" on a blue background. I do not understand why they would have designed Lothar's implants to be controlled by an internal "pilot", since there is barely enough room in here for me. No adult would be able to fit.

"Mecha", if I recall correctly, is a word from a Terran language called "Nihongo" which describes bipedal combat machines controlled by a pilot. Even then, the term was mainly used in fiction; and no such devices have actually been used in practice for centuries. "Lothar," I called out loudly, "did you know that you were a mecha?"

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