T'Sorvik (tsorvik) wrote,

T'Sorvik At Play

When Auntie'Vit and I returned from dinner last night, we found Daddy Storvik and Counsellor Lothar still in the "living room" part of the suite; the first meditating, the second unconscious. Daddy snapped to alertness quickly as we came in, and gave a short explanation about Lothar's continued inability to move or regain full consciousness. Auntie'Vit, who does not appear to trust Lothar as much as my father, took me into their room and locked the door. From what I have read in the USS Murgatroid's records, a simple door ought not to even slow Lothar down if he were fully powered-up and desired entry.

In any event, before we went to sleep, Auntie'Vit hacked back into Starbase 668's security logs to see the incident to which Diziara had earlier alluded. I laughed aloud (we were not in public) and even Auntie'Vit barely suppressed a smile as Mommy Evil Storvik held off a squad of armed and angry security officers with peanuts and alcohol. "One wonders," she did comment, "why he did not attempt a simple Vulcan nerve pinch?"

"Probably," I replied, "because it would not have been … fun. In any evident, that Andorian cut the mêlée short before they got to the hand-to-hand phase of the conflict." I was impressed by both Mommy Storvik's improvisation and by Diziara's reflexes; I had only recently begun martial arts training myself and wondered how long it would take me to achieve a measure of proficiency suitable for defense against armed adults. I did, at least, already know the Vulcan nerve pinch.

After we had watched that security video (more than once; Auntie'Vit had replayed portions of it and asked me to comment on some of them – "One should never ignore an opportunity for education," she said), Auntie'Vit retired to bed and I made some further inquiries of the security systems. Just out of curiosity, I determined the identity of that seemingly-friendly blonde woman who was also out to dinner. Her name was Noelle Connor, and she was a master chief petty officer on the USS Takeda Shingen. With a bit of further digging, I found that Diziara was also going to be serving on the Takeda Shingen. Well, at least she would be in good company, I thought. And then I saw who else was assigned to the Takeda Shingen: Therav, the Andorian who stunned her in the bar. I wondered if Therav knew what he was in for.

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